Pumps respecting the food industry challenges

We are offering transfer, mixing and dosing systems that respects your products integrity and quality on often very strict hygiene conditions.

Our range of pumps has been designed so that your ingredients are preserved and their texture remains the same thanks to very low shear rate and reduced pulsations.

Their innovative conception allows reduced maintenance time and their hygienic design is effective for Cleaning In Place (CIP) and Sterilization In Place (SIP).


Examples of applications:

  • Beverages (syrups, soups, wine...)
  • Dairy (yoghurt, milk, dessert cream, cheese...)
  • Baked goods (dough, cream, chocolate, cocoa mass...)
  • Convenience food (sauces...)
  • Sugar industry
  • Meat, fish and poultry processing industry
  • Petcare food industry

Examples of solutions

Ideal for shear sensitive products and reduced maintenance time.

Seal-less for high hygienic compliance and facilitated CIP.

Efficiency and productivity for the transfer or mixing of high solid content fluids or liquids.

Allows easy transfer of high viscosity products such as cocoa mass.

For vacuum and product packaging.